Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well, it's January. The last 2 months have been abnormally mild (in the 50s). If I had more free time I would have been able to get the finishing done before the weather got cold but it might be too late now. As you can probably tell, I have everything set up in my garage which is detached from the house and unheated. In order to paint it is recommended that the temperature is over 50 degrees and that's probably not going to happen for a few months. Bummer.

I do have some options though if I really get motivated but it could be expensive or messy (or both). I could:
  1. Bring the cabinet to the basement. It is definitely warm enough to paint down there but it would be extremely messy because I will be spraying and sanding. I would have to set up a spray booth (made out of a plastic drop cloth) because dust and overspray are definitely a concern. I also don't want anything to get caught in the vents and travel through the house.
  2. Keep the cabinet in the garage. It is getting cold out there but there is no wind in the garage so the temperature would be my only concern. I would still have to set up the spray booth but the problem would be allowing the paint to dry properly. I would probably have to buy a space heater and even then there's no way to guarantee the paint would dry evenly.

I'm torn but I'lll probably keep the cabinet in the garage and just deal with the weather. I'll have to be extra patient and if it takes a few more coats to get it right so be it. I'm guessing that I'll only have enought time for one coat per day once I get started (including sanding the previous coat smooth).

Anyway, the monitor should finally be arriving this week and that's the last piece I need in order to completely finish the construction of the actual cabinet before I finish it. I'm hoping to complete construction this weekend but the NFL Playoffs start (go GIANTS!!) so I'll probably be glued to the TV. Oh well!

Thanks for looking!!

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