Friday, December 29, 2006

Cost Breakdown to Date #4

Yikes. I ordered the monitor today from Dell. I decided to buy a refurbished one because they no longer sell (relatively) cheap LCD monitors with black trim. They come in silver now and I don't want the trim to be noticeable at all so that just wouldn't work. I'm a little nervous ordering a refurbished monitor because it only comes with a 90-day warranty instead of the 3 year warranty on new ones.

I do save $30 though and from what I've heard if a refurbished monitor lasts a week with no problems it will probably last just as long as a new one. It is pictured to the right.

Anyway, here's the updated breakdown so far:

MDF: $35.00/4'x8' sheet x 2 sheets = $70
Screws: $5.98/box x 1 box = $5.98
18" flourescent light (for behind marquee): $8.97
Wood support strips: $0.97/foot x 12 feet = $11.64
3 buttons, balltop joystick, t-molding from Dream Arcades = $32.75
Smart Strip power supply = $37.31
Hinges and magnetic clasp = $8.43
Ultimarc 360 Joystick = $59.00 (+$14.00 shipping)
Ultimarc Encoder Harness (for button wiring) = $8.00
Ultimarc Restrictor Plate (to shorten joystick throw) = $14.00
Ultimarc Hard Spring (to tighten joystick movement) = $5.00
Computer Speakers (2.1) = $21.39
Happ Small Single Coin Door = $59.95 (+$17.00 shipping)
Happ six (6) black buttons with microswitch @1.35ea. = $8.10
Happ 60" Marquee Retainer @$5.00 per 30" = $10.00
Four (4) Speaker Grills from Chokes Unlimited = $10.84
Dell 19" LCD Monitor E197FP (refurb) = $189.00 (+13.23 tax)

TOTAL so far: $604.59

To buy:
Primer/Paint/rubbing compound (for finish)
1/4" Glass (to cover monitor)
Black Posterboard (for bezel)

I'm getting close to acquiring everything I need! Too bad I completely blew my $500 budget but I'm very pleased with the way things are coming along so far.

Thanks for looking!!

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