Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 2: Speaker Holes

The last thing I did today was cut a pair of 2-1/2" holes in the bottom marquee shelf for the speakers - I will have to also cut a smaller 1-1/4" hole to feed the plug from the marquee light and speakers through but I think I need to wait until the thing is assembled so I can get an exact placement. The computer is going to be in the bottom of the cabinet and the light and speakers have to connect to the computer somehow! To accomplish this task I used a 2-1/2" hole saw and my drill. It was pretty simple - here are the results:

1. After you find the center point where the holes are going to be, use a nail and lightly tap it into the center point to make a mark so the drill bit will be lined up properly.
2. When cutting out the holes apply light pressure and let the saw do the work.
3. As you cut through, make sure the drill and saw are perpendicular to the work piece.
4. Move the saw in and out of the hole very slowly once you begin cutting - this helps the sawdust escape so the saw can cut deeper. Drill the hole in several steps if you have to.
5. Make sure you clamp the piece to the work bench with a sacrificial piece of wood or MDF underneath. You don't want to ruin your work bench! It took way longer to do all of this stuff than I thought it would but that's always the case and I should know better by now not to plan too much ahead. Next weekend my father is coming over and we are going to put everything together so it should start looking like a real arcade cabinet by then. I can't wait.

Thanks for looking!!

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