Thursday, November 30, 2006

Control Panel Mock-Up

Well, it's time for the daily control panel update - it seems like this has become a sticking point for my cabinet. Last night I finished making a mock-up of the control panel using the design with the 4 buttons on the right.

The top of the control panel will be right where the bottom of the T-square is located. The bottom of the CP more or less goes right to the bottom of the panel (I just need to rip it straight but if you look closely you can see the pencil line). Also note that all of the admin buttons will be black on the final CP - I just didn't have enough extra lying around.

I'm thinking it is one button too tall and that I need to seriously consider relocating or removing the coin button so only 3 buttons are on the right. It's not that I don't have the room for it - this is strictly on proportions by eyeballing it.

Mini-buttons: I have thought about using mini-buttons in order to shrink the overall design but this cab is for Bella, not me. I know there's not much difference in what a mini button does versus a regular one (you just press it, duh!) but for some reason I think the size will make it easier for my daughter to understand and to press.

My goal is to keep everything on the same plane (no buttons on the front) and all of the buttons the same size. I know this isn't the ideal solution for a regular cab but I think it is what will make it easiest for her.

I'm leaning towards the shorter "upsidedown L" shaped design for the admin buttons that I posted yesterday or possibly removing the coin button altogether and just hoping she can understand that you have to insert a quarter if you want to play. I'll probably go with the "upsidedown L" shape for simplicity's sake and sacrifice a little bit of uniformity in the overall layout.

Time to go make Control Panel Mock-Up #2.

Thanks for looking!!

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