Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Control Panel Design #3

OK, I started to make a mock-up CP last night and the button layout forced the height of the CP to be 6-7/8" tall which seems a little high. I have room for it but that means there is a lot of dead space on the control panel (which I could use to install a spinner or something) so I'm not sure overall how it will look. I'm going to go ahead and finish drilling out the holes for the action buttons and joystick (which is arriving today!) and maybe even cover it in black vinyl (if I have enough) to see what the "finished CP" will look like. If I decide to scrap it, no big deal - it only takes an hour or so to layout the buttons and drill out the holes...

Another design to shrink the overall height:

Also, another idea someone suggested would be to put the "coin" button on the face of the control panel to save space on top. This is making me crazy!

Thanks for looking!!

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