Friday, May 25, 2007

UGLY Progress Picture

After I finished spraying the entire cabinet, I couldn't resist temporarily installing all of the remaining parts and snapping a few pictures to get a sense as to what the finished cabinet will look like. I popped in the control panel (which is now a very tight fit due to the black layers of paint), the coin door, the glass over the bezel panel and hung the marquee in place (with a piece of tape). I am not going to install the pink t-molding until I absolutely have to - after the cabinet is sanded and polished.

Jeez it sure looks UGLY. You can totally see the last spray lines from the final lacquer coat - good thing this will all get sanded out in the finishing process. The pink also comes out really white looking from the camera flash and the front and sides look like 2 different shades but they are identical in person. Something tells me I'm not going to be able to get an accurate picture until this thing inside the house and completely finished (taking the picture at night in an unlit garage probably doesn't help either). I wasn't going to share because it really looks bad but I figure that someone else might follow my lead and get to this point and start to panic so enjoy!

Thanks for looking!

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