Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The "Punch List"

While I'm waiting for the lacquer to fully cure I guess I can turn my attention to some of the finishing details. There are still plenty of things I have to do in addition to the final sanding and polish of the cabinet. I still have to:
  1. Install the speaker covers (and the screw caps)
  2. Install the exterior plug (which involves splicing my SmartStrip so I'm a bit nervous)
  3. Wire the computer power button to a button on the back of the cab somewhere
  4. Install the marquee (cut the retainer strips too) and apply the side art
  5. Make a bezel out of black posterboard/matteboard or something
  6. Install the CP (figure out a way to keep the joystick in place)
  7. Install and wire the coin door
  8. Install t-molding
  9. CONFIGURE THE COMPUTER - this is easily the biggest hurdle for me because I stink.
I'm sure I left some stuff out but all of this can be done in an afternoon so it's really not that much. I'm planning to wake up early this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and sand and polish until noon (or until my arms fall off). I can probably work from 7am-12pm both days. Hopefully I'll get all of the sanding/polishing done on Saturday so I can completely finish everything on Sunday but I'm guessing the sanding and polishing is a two day job so the finishing details will have to wait until the following week.

I can't wait!

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