Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 13: The Paint Job Continues

Now we get to the good stuff... sort of. This past weekend I was fortuante enough to apply the first two black top coats to the interior of my cabinet. I took a few pictures to show off how I'm going about painting it which is a little unusual for cabinets like this (I think). The pictures below were taken after I applied the first coat and you can see right through the black paint in a lot of places - it was very uneven and splotchy and I was quite scared that I ruined the entire thing. The second coat went on much nicer though (which isn't shown, unfortunately). Check it out:

Thanks for looking!!

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Jim Kelly said...

I am having SO much fun following your progress. I'm starting on my own in 2 weeks (got the in-laws in this weekend) and you've given me some great ideas and instructions.