Sunday, November 12, 2006

PINK Is The New Hotness!!!

Since this cabinet is for my lovely 2 year old daughter I've decided to go with a very pink theme. I want it to be as girly as possible and truely be her own personal arcade cabinet. I am going to be painting the entire thing a light pink on the outside and black on the interior. I'm also going to try and get a real shiny finish on the outside so the cabinet will be protected from juice spills and also easy to clean but I don't know how to go about doing that yet. I think you have to add many layers of paint while sanding in between each coat and then apply some kind of rubbing compound to get the shine. I will document that process when I get to it.

The buttons, t-molding and joystick ball top will be a darker pink from Dream Arcades to accent the cabinet. I've ordered the following parts so far:

3 pink buttons:

1 pink joystick. I only ordered this for the ball top. I'm actually going to be using the Ultimarc 360 joystick for this project but it does not come in pink. Most joystick balltops are just threaded on to the shaft so I'll just unscrew them and make the easy swap.

30ft. of pink t-molding. This is a plastic trim which will go around the edges of the sides to give the cabinet a finished look.

As for the marquee artwork, right now I'm just planning on a bright colorful marquee - the control panel will be covered in black vinyl so the buttons really "pop" and I don't what type of artwork I'm going to add to the sides yet, if anything.

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