Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 1: Progress Pics!!

I finally got some actual, real work done on this thing and it's looking pretty good so far. The entire cab is made out of MDF. So far I've just cut out the sides and routed the slots for the t-molding. I also cut all of the interior battons out of wood for support so I can assemble everything soon.

The first thing I did was plot out the design onto the surface of one of the MDF sheets using a pencil and t-square. The curves were made using a string tied to the end of a pencil to act like a large compass. Once the shape was drawn as well as all of the interior panel lines so I know where everything is going, I cut out the cabinet side using my jigsaw. I did it freehand and tried to stay about 1/8" outside the line all the way around. When that was finished I used a straight edge and a pattern cutting bit in my router to make the straight edges perfectly straight. To cut the smooth curves I was very careful with the jigsaw and got as close to the line as I could taking my time as I went. Then I used a sanding block to sand to the line and make a smooth curve.

Once I finally had one side to the cabinet cut out, making the second one took about 20 minutes. I placed the good side on top of another piece of MDF and traced it with a pencil. Then I cut it out with the jigsaw to get a rough shape. Next, I clamped the original to the rough cut piece and used my router and pattern cutting bit to make a perfect match! Finally, I transferred all of the interior lines to the second piece (on the opposite side, of course since the two pieces should be mirror images of each other).

The next thing I did was cut out the interior support pieces - in the pictures they are placed in their appropriate spots where cross pieces will go but not fastened down yet. I am trying to be careful not to make any holes on the outside of the cabinet because I want it to look like a finished piece of furniture. All screws and supports will be on the inside and hidden from view.

That's all for now. Next up: routing the t-molding slots!

Thanks for looking!!

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