Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 3: The Glue Up

I didn't do a lot of work today but I did get a chance to glue up the panels! I now have an actual 3D cabinet - it's starting to take shape - check it out!

1. Dry fit everything first. You want to make sure everything fits together properly before applying the glue.
2. Use a light bead of glue on the edges. Make sure all surfaces are covered but you want to avoid a lot of squeeze out, if possible.
3. Clamp, clamp, clamp. You can never have too many for a job like this. Try and make sure you have at least one clamp on each edge of each surface you are trying to glue together.
4. Make sure everything is square!

Tomorrow I'll be filling out the rest of the cabinet frame with the remaining cross pieces and hopefully putting the front door in place with the coin door cutout. Then it should be ready to be painted!

Thanks for looking!!

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