Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, it's been a very long time coming but over the weekend I managed to put Bella's Arcade in her room in the exact spot I originally envisioned it when I started. I had my dad's help lifting it up the stairs and I think I destroyed my back but it was worth it.

My daughter LOVES it and she is so excited to have an arcade machine of her own in her room - her reaction was thanks enough.

Here are a few more pics with the machine on. I have no idea how to take a picture without the flash that doesn't make the marquee look all washed out. I assure you it is beautiful - especially in a dark room!

It fits the space perfectly and looks like a little toy. It is small (80% of original Ms. Pac-man size - about 50" tall) but it is perfect for an adult to sit in a chair and play. Bella still needs a step stool to reach the controls and see the screen!

A HUGE thanks to everyone over at BYOAC who provided me with all the great advice as I went along. I could not have done this by myself.


Pedro said...

how did you pull off the straight boot in to mame? also isint that windows xp not 98?

Cengizhan said...

Yeah looks like it's Windows XP. :P
Anyways, dude... I was just wondering, what have you studied?

a jar by the door said...

you are world's greatest dad, sir.

sugarbunny119 said...

Its beautiful!! You've inspired us to make our own arcade machine, the cabinet is almost done! your blog has excellent tips, so thank so much!

António Cardoso said...

it's a pretty cool project, congratulations.

i will add a link back to here on my project at

Some guy on the Internet said...

@Pedro - I actually have it set up to boot straight into my front-end (MaLa) which is in turn set up to boot straight to the last game played. Check here for how to hide windows:

@Cengizhan - I am a corporate attorney

Thanks for the kind comments everyone.