Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New "Punch-List"

Well, I'm coming down to the wire... there's really not much left to do on this cabinet other than software configuration and getting the coin door up and running. I figured I'd make another "to-do" list just to keep me moving forward - this one is really nit-picky but here goes:

  1. Wire coin door to U360 wiring harness (assigned to "5" in MAME)
  2. Rig the coin reject buttons to register a credit when pressed
  3. Power the LEDs behind the coin slots
  4. Install a coin box to catch the quarters/tokens (cardboard?)
  5. Apply pink vinyl button labels
  6. Relocate power button from front of PC to rear panel of cabinet
  7. Relocate volume knob from speakers to somewhere on cabinet

Computer Configuration

  1. Finish tailoring my Horizontal Gamelist (vertical one is finished)
  2. Change font in MaLa layout for game names to something girly - make it pink!
  3. Download and install "snaps" for background of gamelist
  4. Configure 45-degree maps for the U360 joystick (for Q*bert)
  5. Configure MaLa to play "Arcade Ambiance" when browsing gamelists
I think that's it for now - I should be able to finish this up over the next week or so. A long term project will be swapping out the amber coin return buttons for some pink ones but no one makes them so I'd have to come up with something on my own... probably not happening any time soon.

We will be having some friends over to the house in about two weeks so I'll try to have it 100% finished by then - I'm also coming up on the year anniversary of starting this thing which is pathetic so I'd like to finish before that day passes too.

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