Friday, February 09, 2007

Time To Get Organized

OK, I need to get somewhat organized if I am ever going to finish this project so this is going to be a detailed "punchlist" of things I have left to do.

Cabinet Construction

  1. Cut second monitor strip to hold monitor in place
  2. Glue monitor strips in place
  3. Re-cut top panel to proper size (the first one is about 1/8" too short)
  4. Glue top panel in place
  5. Glue bezel panel in place
  6. Cut angled control panel pieces (3) on tablesaw
  7. Glue angled control panel pieces to control panel top
  8. Cut angled rear panel to hide speaker wire and marquee light wire
  9. Drill hole in rear for Smart Strip
  10. Prime entire cab (2 coats, sanding in between)
  11. Tape cabinet to accept the black paint on the interior
  12. Paint black section of the cabinet (3 or more coats, as necessary, sanding in between)
  13. Tape cabinet to accept the pink paint on the exterior
  14. Paint pink section of the cabinet (3 or more coats, as necessary, sanding in between)
  15. Add polyurethane/rubbing compound to entire cabinet for protection/shine
  16. Cut marquee retainer
  17. Install marquee
  18. Add vinyl overlay to control panel
  19. Install speaker covers (use screw caps)
  20. Install grommet for Smart Strip
  21. Install pink t-molding
  22. Cut posterboard bezel
  23. Install glass over the monitor


  1. Install buttons and joystick
  2. Install DVD-ROM to computer
  3. Install coin door
  4. Install Smart Strip
  5. Install monitor
  6. Wire everything (buttons, joystick, coin door, etc.)
  7. Set up MAME
  8. Set up MaLa (front end)
  9. Place computer in cabinet

To Buy

  1. Screw caps for speaker covers
  2. Hinge for control panel
  3. Primer/Paint/rubbing compound (for finish)
  4. 1/4" Glass (to cover monitor)
  5. Black posterboard (for bezel)
  6. Grommet for Smart Strip plug

Wow that's a lot of things left to do! I guess the tasks are broken down quite a bit so maybe it won't take forever but I better get moving on this if I want to finish sometime in the spring.

Thanks for looking!!

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