Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cost Breakdown to Date

This thing isn't cheap but I definitely think it's reasonable. Plus, it's almost as fun to build the cabinet as it is to play the games! It's just the cost of having a hobby you enjoy!

MDF: $35.00/4'x8' sheet x 2 sheets = $70
Screws: $5.98/box x 1 box = $5.98
18" flourescent light (for behind marquee): $8.97
Wood support strips: $0.97/foot x 12 feet = $11.64
3 buttons, balltop joystick, t-molding from Dream Arcades = $32.75

TOTAL so far: $129.34

To buy:
Ultimarc 360 Joystick
Encoder Harness (for button wiring)
Restrictor Plate (to shorten joystick throw)
Hard Spring (to tighten joystick movement)
Coin Door
Dell 17" LCD Monitor
Marquee Retainer
Smart Strip (to plug everything into)
Paint/rubbing compound (for finish)
Glass (to cover monitor)
Black Posterboard (for bezel)
Computer Speakers

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